Sunday, November 25, 2018

Build Series - The SBR Diablo - Part 1: Unboxing

Scott Binder of SBR sent me his latest high power rocket kit to check out: The Diablo. This is a simple, easy to build, short and fat (4 inches in diameter!) high power kit, as easy to build as a common model rocket - just bigger. Because it's a draggy rocket, it's good for small fields. With its light weight, it can fly on anything from an F motor all the way up to an I or maybe some J motors. And its small size makes it easy to transport to a launch even if you have a compact car.

I'm working on a video build series of this rocket to show how simple it is to put together. Here's the first installment, shot on my phone (sorry about the sound quality) - Unboxing:

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