Monday, May 11, 2020

K'Tesh! A Chat with Jim Parsons, OpenRocket Wizard - The Model Rocket Show

Jim Parsons' OpenRocket sim of the Estes Cineroc and Omega

The latest episode of The Model Rocket Show podcast is up, and I'm talking with Jim Parsons. You may know Jim by the username K'Tesh on The Rocketry Forum, and one of the things he's known for is creating accurate-looking simulation files of kits past and present, using OpenRocket - the free, open-source model rocket design and simulation software.

I've used Jim's information as reference material when trying to get decals or paint in the right places on some of my builds.

Cherokee D decal placement

I even downloaded his sim of the Estes Leviathan when preparing for my High Power Rocketry Level 1 flight, because that's the kit I used, and I knew the fins would be accurate if Jim made the file.

You can listen to the episode on most podcasting apps, or directly on the website by clicking here.

Check out K'Tesh's master list of OR files on The Rocketry Forum by clicking here.

See Jim's excellent Flickr stream by clicking here.

Download OpenRocket here.

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