Friday, January 3, 2020

Test Shots

Happy New Year!

If you've listened to the latest episode of The Rocketry Show podcast, you know that I recently bought myself a nice, entry-level digital SLR camera. I'm hoping to get better photos of my family, of my rockets for this blog, and better video for my YouTube channel.

Here are just a few of my first shots - taken without totally knowing what I'm doing yet - that I took with my Canon Rebel SL3 - or 250D.

(It's known as an SL3 in the US and Canada and a 250D elsewhere. I bought it from a discount distributer in Brooklyn from eBay, and I got a non-US branded 250D. It's the same camera.)

No real sense to these. I'm mostly just playing around with the focus and depth of field.

With a wide aperture, I can focus on a specific point, separating it from foreground and background objects. See here how I focus on the N00b Tube in the first photo, then on the Astron Sprint XL decal in the second. This will be good for showing specific details in blog posts.

Shooting through the fleet to pick out just the Dr. Zooch Saturn V.

Even in pretty low light, I think this closeup of R2D2 looks pretty good. This action figure is only about 2 1/2 inches tall.

Some of Mrs. N00b's giraffes, mentioned on the show. Again, I'm just trying this thing out here. I don't even know how to do any post-production stuff on photos yet, so I have to say, I'm pretty pleased how well a quick shot like this comes out.

This fidget spinner was moving quite fast, but even in relatively low light, I was able to nearly freeze it with a fast shutter speed. If this were a rocket, and outdoors in brighter light, I'd probably get a nice still shot - if I managed to actually catch it with the shutter!

An artsy-fartsy photo of the Rocket Room (it's finally organized and clean!!)

Andy the Penguin hopes you had a good holiday season. Now, get to building rockets!

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