Saturday, September 26, 2015

Get Me To the Launch On Time

I really should be in bed right now.

Every time I'm on my way to launch rockets (only casually with friends, until tomorrow), I sing a little song that popped into my head one day.

It goes:

Get me to the launch on time
Get me to the launch on time
Da-dum da-dum da-dee
Da-dee da-dee-dee-dee
Get me to the launch on time

I haven't fully fleshed out the lyrics.

I'm not sure where the melody comes from, but I think it might be an old Hank Williams tune.

Anyway, tonight I've been prepping for tomorrow's first club launch in Amesbury, Massachusetts, with CMASS. Launch prep always takes me longer than I think it will. I'll talk about launch prep in another post.

What I will say is that I've taken Janus I, my first scratch design, out of retirement. I had to make some modifications to it, but I think it's flight-worthy. It's a simple rocket, but a two-stager, and it flew beautifully - one time. I figured it would be a shame not to fly it again.

I'll talk about the repair briefly in a future post. It wasn't a major operation, but I had to change a few things.

Starting probably next week, I'll be doing a bit of a re-boot of The Rocket N00b blog. I've strayed a bit from my intentions and done too many posts where I talk about what I've purchased, what I'm building, or my feelings. There hasn't been enough that a n00b to rocketry can actually learn from. Some of these instructional posts take a lot of time and thought, but I don't just want to write a personal journal with some rocket pics, here, I actually want some rocket n00bs to get some use from this blog.

So, after tomorrow, I'll probably have some cool pictures, video, and stories for you, including some high power stuff. Apparently, they're launching the first high power two-stager CMASS has ever been able to get sanctioned (the airspace in New England is a little busy, I guess).

After that, it's back to basics: rocketry, for beginners, from a beginner's perspective. The I'm building this and look what I got in the mail posts will creep in occasionally, but I want to make sure this blog has some value to people who are just getting into the craft, science and discipline of building and flying rockets.

Also, some cool pictures that hopefully the more advanced rocketeers will like.

I'm only taking five rockets to the launch tomorrow - but one is the Quest Quadrunner - a four motor cluster I've never launched. I hope it does not disappoint.

I've just realized my little song sounds a little like the chorus to In the Jailhouse Now. Jimmie Rodgers. A bit older than Hank Williams. But a classic.

Here's the original launch video of the Janus I:

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