Thursday, October 29, 2015

Copperhead First Flight

A year ago, I did a fundraiser for the Bloomington Playwrights Project, called The Playoffs. As an incentive to donors, I offered to design and build rockets for anyone who donated in my name.

Longtime blog readers may remember a rocket I built, originally called "Keith's Rocket," then renamed the Copperhead.

It turned out really nice.

The design

The finished rocket
I liked the results so much, I'm now building one for myself.

I gave the rocket to Keith, but then moved to Boston, so I never got to see it fly... until he sent me the video.

So exciting to see one of your own designs get launched!

I designed this rocket with only about six months' experience as a rocketeer. Even if you're a rocket n00b, you can design and build your own rockets, and sometimes you come up with something really cool.

I can't wait to finish mine. I've even decided to add a booster, making it a two-stage rocket.

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