Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Rocketry Show Mini-Ep: CG's Modular Rockets

CG with Nesaru, one of his high power rockets with modular design
Another mini episode of The Rocketry Show is up. In this episode (which is actually full-length), CG discusses his modular designs. In other words, parts of the rockets can be removed for repair or replacement.

Nesaru lifts off

CG's first BT-60 concept with dual deployment

These mini episodes are fun to do, and can go up more quickly than a fully-produced interview show. And they're fun - just two or three rocketeers talking rockets. Expect more episodes soon.

Upcoming episodes of The Rocketry Show will be NARCON 2016 Part 2, and John Beans founder of Jolly Logic. That'll be a good one.

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