Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tree Recovery Device

Today, on the Model Rocketry Fanatics!!! Facebook group, someone posted the following video of a homemade device for recovering things (quadcopters, model rockets, etc.) from tall trees.

"Rocket-eating trees" are a hazard encountered by all model rocketeers. Some clubs bring a long pole with a hook on the end for tree recovery. This device, while it may be tricky to operate, might be another option for getting a rocket down from thin, high branches.

The 3D Rocketry Nautilus II - my first loss to a tree
Of course, this recovery device must be used sensibly. Part 11 of the Model Rocket Safety Code states "I will not attempt to recover my rocket from power lines, tall trees, or other dangerous places."

While it's usually considered acceptable to use a tool (like a long pole) to recover a rocket from a tree, if there are power lines running near or through the tree in question, you certainly shouldn't attempt to shoot a fishing line at the rocket. Contact between a power line and the ground - with you in the middle - is a sure way to get electrocuted!

This recovery device might be a bit clunky to operate, but it might be worth the trouble in order to not leave a rocket behind on the field. That can be pretty heartbreaking.

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