Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Updated Fleet Page

I have not written much on this blog lately, as longtime readers will have noticed, due partly to a number of other things I've been working on. Daily page views have decreased, understandably, since the blog hasn't been updated as regularly as it was in the past.

But rest assured, I haven't abandoned the Rocket N00b blog, and I'm kicking off a new phase of posts with a much-needed update.

While checking the blog stats recently, I noticed I regularly get a lot of views on my Fleet page. That's the page you land on if you click the link in the sidebar called My Fleet of Rockets. It's a tally of all the rockets I have built and flown since I got started in the summer of 2014.

This made me realize that I hadn't updated the fleet page in quite a long time. In fact, there are a number of rockets I've built and flown - and one or two I've even since lost - which until now had no mention on the fleet page.

And that was a real shame, because it's the perfect place for gratuitous, pretty photographs of the rockets I'm most proud of, as well as information about specific kits.

Well, the page is now up to date, and I'll keep posting information on newly built rockets, current projects, and any other pertinent information as it comes along.

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