Monday, June 26, 2017

Indoor Spray Painting Booth - Sneak Peek

After toying with the idea for a long time, I have built an indoor spray painting booth, so that I can have a place to paint rockets when I want to. The area outside the house in which my apartment is located has little space for spray painting, and the North Atlantic coast tends to be too windy on most days. Good spray painting weather is hard to come by here.

And then there are the stray insects that love to land in fresh wet paint...

I built an indoor booth last year, and while I did get some beautiful paint jobs with it, the design I came up with was potentially dangerous, so I never posted it here.

Finally, I have finished an indoor booth with which I can safely paint inside my apartment. And it's large enough for most projects.

A full build and post will be forthcoming. For now, though, here's Part 1 of the four-part video series I have shot on the booth.

Indoor Spray Painting - Positive Pressure Booth, Part 1

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