Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Estes Black Brant II Coming Back!

The new Estes catalog came out today, and among other things, they're bringing back the Black Brant II, a scale model of the Canadian sounding rocket.

I love BT-55 sized rockets, and I love the look of the Black Brant II. I've wanted one for a while now. Until now, my two choices were to go to the work of making a clone, or searching eBay for an overpriced model. These were popular rockets, and they sometimes tend to go for more than I feel comfortable paying. Now I can get a new one directly from Estes.

For an ongoing build series on this kit, check out Chris Michielssen's Model Rocket Building blog (click here). I finally had the honor of meeting him this weekend at NARCON. Very nice guy, incredibly skilled builder, and very talented musical saw player. Listen for him on an upcoming episode of The Rocketry Show podcast.

Chris Michielssen at The Rocketry Show table with two of his Dr. Zooch models. They're very impressive close up.
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