Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Podcast - The Model Rocket Show!

I'll be doing a new podcast, called The Model Rocket Show. It should be debuting the weekend of March 28. It's from LittleBeth Media, and is a spinoff of The Rocketry Show podcast.

The Rocketry Show tends to deal mainly with high power rocketry and really advanced stuff. But there's a need for people whose main interest in rocketry is in low power rocketry, whether they are beginners or longtime rocketeers who prefer model rocketry. And then there are those rocketeers who enjoy both sides of the hobby, and would like to hear more episodes focused on the model rocket side of things.

It can be difficult to address both ends of the hobby with one show. Some advanced rocketeers are no longer interested in model rockets, and some beginners may have a hard time following some of the more advanced episodes.

Look for all kinds of stuff on the new show - build techniques, interviews with people in the model rocket industry, TARC, listener questions, and maybe some first steps toward high power certification - like "what's a good first kit" type stuff.

So, whether you're a Rocket N00b or a longtime modeler, I hope you'll check out the new podcast when it comes out. You can hear the trailer by clicking here.

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  1. Great news everyone! My yet to fly L1 kit is waiting for some nice weather but my primary interest is LPR model rockets - looking forward to the show...

  2. Glad to see you address the need and interest in Low Power Rocketry. We so often get left in the dirt as Rocketeers rush into high power and L1, L2, etc. Looking forward to hearing the first episodes!