Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Few New Things

Rocket Camp

The model rocketry College for Kids camp I'm teaching starts Monday. For the first week-long session, I have five kids. I'm still finalizing my plan for the week's schedule, and I need to figure out what to do if it rains on Friday and we can't launch - that would be a huge disappointment!

Donor's Rockets

These are coming along great.

I'm building a fifth one for myself, with a D motor mount, but it's still in pieces.

These rockets need a cool name, though. "Donor's Rocket" doesn't have much of a ring to it.

New Book

I just acquired a copy of Mark Canepa's book Modern High Power Rocketry 2.

 I'm not in a rush to get a high power certification, but I like having another book on hobby rocketry (side note: I don't like that term, "hobby rocketry." Something about the word "hobby" - like, a hobby horse is a child's fake wooden horse, not a real horse. Model rockets and high power rockets actually fly! But you know what I mean...). And I'm sure that some of the stuff in this book can be applied to mid power rockets as well. If I learn something from this book that I think my fellow rocket n00bs might find useful, I'll certainly incorporate that knowledge into this blog.

Something Else Cool

Who's that good-looking dude on Skype with CG of The Rocketry Show?
OK, it's off to Ivy Tech to submit my paperwork to HR. Rocket Camp, T-minus 4 days and counting!

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