Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Olde Fashioned Rocket Design Contest

Bill over at the Rocketeer's Corner has created a new, old-fashioned rocket design contest, that he's calling ORC - the Old Rocketeer's Contest.

The first contest is called Delivering the Mail.

The idea is to design and build a rocket which flies on one or more 18mm motors (that's A through C standard sized motors, for any rocket n00bs reading this), which "must include as part of its structure some object used in the shipping of letters or parcels by the Post Office - mailing tube, shipping box, envelope, etc."

The contest ends August 12, and there are prizes available: a $60 eRockets gift certificate, an Estes Ventris (so cool!!), an Estes altimeter, a Semroc Centaur and a Squirrel Works Red Baron. I'm not sure if these are the prizes for the top five rockets, or whether it's winner take all, or winner select one, but these are some cool prizes.

To get all the details, head over to Bill's site and read the post here.

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