Sunday, August 2, 2015

Has the Leviathan Gone Extinct?

The Estes Leviathan, a very popular mid power rocket, seems to have disappeared completely from he Estes website.

It was on sale, along with a lot of other rockets, all of July. The July sale has been extended, but the Leviathan is now no longer to be found on the Estes website.

This does not look good...

A few months ago, I mentioned the Estes Scion rocket, which is made up of Leviathan parts with an extended airframe. A while back on The Rocketry Forum, I heard that Estes was getting out of the mid power market. The Leviathan, a beautiful, simple rocket, is now gone. Permanently? I certainly hope not!

I tried to get one more for the build pile at the recent sale, but it was already out of stock.

I'll try to keep you posted if things change...

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  1. What do the Scion and the Leviathan fly on ? What motors?

    1. They're 29mm in diameter, so everything from (I think) a large E to (again, I think) a small H. You can do a high power Level 1 certification flight with these rockets - although I have heard it recommended to go with a 38mm diameter rocket for a Level 1. That's not me saying that - I am not yet high power certified - I am just repeating what I've read from some other experts.

      Estes makes a few larger 29mm black powder motors, such as the E16 and F15, and there are a wide range of 29mm composite motors from many manufacturers available.