Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rocket Bloggiversary

This is the one year anniversary of The Rocket N00b blog! I started this thing as a total n00b, just weeks after launching my first kit, the Estes Der Red Max.

At first, this blog was just a way for me to put up some pictures of what I was doing, and maybe coax the few friends I thought might read this into joining me in the awesome hobby I'd just discovered.

In the intervening time, I have:

  • Found out just how alive and well the hobby of rocketry really is
  • Learned a ton about how rockets work - especially what keeps them stable
  • Learned to design my own rockets - something I didn't know was possible when I started
  • Built a number of great kits
  • Designed and built several of my own rockets, most of which worked pretty well
  • Started building mid power rockets - and launched a couple
  • Convinced a few skeptics that it was fun to go watch a rocket launch
  • Had one of my rocket videos featured on Make magazine's Facebook page
  • Taught rocketry to kids
  • Recorded my first appearance on The Rocketry Show
  • Joined the National Association of Rocketry
  • Had over 100,000 pageviews!
I didn't expect any of this. It's been really fun.

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