Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sims, Chute Releases and New Books on The Rocketry Show!

The latest episode of The Rocketry Show is now up! We started off talking about repairs and stability, then veered off into talking about rocket simulators - OpenRocket and RockSim.

I was worried I talked CG and Gheem's ears off, but the episode turned out pretty good.

We've been on a roll with this season, and we have more exciting stuff coming up. We're working on a longer story about Joe Barnard's project, a finless, actively stabilized rocket using thrust vectoring, which he is attempting to land using motor thrust for recovery - just like SpaceX and Blue Origin.

The aft of Scout, Joe Barnard's rocket. Seen are two motors - a large one for ascent, and a small one for recovery.
The rocket is stabilized by thrust vectoring. The motors are on a gimbal - just like a real space launch vehicle.
This week, we are recording two exciting episodes.

We'll be talking with John Beans of Jolly Logic, maker of several model rocket altimeters, and an exciting new product - the Chute Release, which enables a model rocket to do something similar to dual deployment, but without black powder charges.

And another episode I'm thrilled we'll be recording this week will be with Mike Westerfield, author of the book Make: Rockets: Down-to-Earth Rocket Science. Mike has a new book coming out in the coming months, called Make: High Power Rockets. Longtime blog readers may have picked up that I'm kind of a Mike Westerfield fanboy, as his first book really helped me with my progress in rocketry. I can't wait for the publication of the new book!

Oh, and have I mentioned that we'll soon be talking to a real astronaut? Well, we are. Season 2 is turning out to be really great!

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