Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tonight, On The Rocketry Show...

Tonight, we are recording a much-anticipated episode for the new season of The Rocketry Show podcast.

Tonight, we are talking with an astronaut. I can't say who it is until the show is posted, but this astronaut flew three times on the Space Shuttle, serving as pilot twice and mission commander once.

Those are all the clues I can give you for now.


I'm both excited and nervous. I'm sure it will be great. But on some episodes, as I'm the n00b of the group, we have certain guests where I can't think of an intelligent question to ask, and I usually say very little.

I'm sure this guest will be great though. I may not have to ask anything at all. But I think I do have one reasonably intelligent question. I hope that I don't forget to ask it - or that CG or Gheem ask it first!

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