Wednesday, March 1, 2017

JonRocket Back In Business [EDIT]

[Edit: It appears I spoke too soon. Looks like JonRocket is still in the process of getting set up. I'll try to update you a soon as they're really back in business.]

JonRocket, one of my favorite suppliers of low and mid power model rocket kits, parts, and accessories, is back in business after more than a two-month hiatus while they moved into bigger and better facilities!

This is great news, as I have a growing shopping list.

A lot of items are still listed as "out of stock," but as this appears to be the first day they are back up and running, that is probably due to them being in the process of unpacking. I imagine they'll be fully-stocked very soon.

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  1. Sorry about the false alarm. I thought we would be ready to re-open last weekend, but messed up the date in the computer. Since then we've run into a few more minor problems. But, we will be back soon. This weekend, I hope to finish setting up our computer and printers. Once that's done, we should be close.

    Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm!

    -- Roger (and Bracha)