Monday, May 8, 2017

New Rocketry YouTube Channel - Ryan's Rocketshop

A 400% upscale Centuri Javelin, posted by Reddit user AscendingNike, who runs today's featured YouTube Channel.

In addition to the new "Featured Vendor" series I recently started, I've been considering a "Featured YouTube Channel" series for a while. There are a lot of great channels devoted solely or mostly to rocketry on YouTube, and I keep finding more.

Today's Featured Channel is a brand new one, and it looks like it's got some potential to be pretty exciting. It's called Ryan's Rocketshop, and can be found here. As of this writing, only two videos have been posted, but Ryan hopes to post a video per week.

The focus of Ryan's Rocketshop is high power rocketry, but from a beginner's perspective. The idea is to follow along with Ryan and learn with him. Even though he's just now getting into HPR, his knowledge and building skills are really impressive, partly gained from building RC airplanes, and likely some time spent building smaller low and mid power rockets.

The first video is the build and test flight of Ryan's Level 1 project, a 400% upscale of the Centuri Javelin model rocket.

Another potentially fun feature is the Rocketshop News. I look forward to more building videos and lots of cool launch videos.

I'm excited about a new channel, especially one that promises to explain things so clearly. I hope to pick up some tips from Ryan. Check it out.

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