Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rocketry Thwarted By Rainy Day

Well, it's raining today, so I can't finish painting my rockets. And since I need to take the car in, I can't drive to the hardware store for things to finish a couple other rocketry projects I have. Bleh...

The one thing I can actually start today is assembling my guillotine fin jig. I'm excited about this thing, as it should assure that I get my fins on perfectly straight every time.

But, man, I'm so close to finishing these rockets, and since it's been three weeks since I started them, I'd like to put them to bed.

Here's a list of rocketry projects I'm either working on, or planning:
  • Assemble the guillotine fin jig
  • Construct a camera tripod mounting system to use as a launch pad
  • Build my own launch controller
  • Finish painting and stickering my two rockets
  • Build a cradle to hold rockets in construction
  • Build individual crates to store and carry individual rockets (I've already roughly designed these)
  • Build my Estes Big Bertha, 3D Rocketry Nautilus II, Quest Magnum Sport Loader (my first cluster rocket, with two motors firing at once) rockets
  • Find out what the hell happened to my Red River Rocketry Blue Shift rocket (the USPS tracking claims it was delivered to my door, yet I do not have it in my hot little hands)
  • Find the perfect tool box to use as a range kit (all the stuff you want to take to the launch site - motors, wadding, pliers, bits of sand paper, etc.)
Some people enjoy lists, so there you go.

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