Friday, September 5, 2014

So Much Support and Help

The Rocketry Forum is such an awesome website, and such a good resource, especially for rocket n00bs like myself.

I posted a thread about my frustrations with surface preparation I mentioned here yesterday, and got tons of advice and help. I already feel like I have a better grip on what I did wrong on this build.

This forum is a really supportive community of people who are obsessed with rocket building, which I need, because most of my friends don't really care.

I am actively trying to find some nerd to discuss rockets with, especially since my rocket buddy Chad will be moving to upstate New York for most of the year - and he doesn't really care about the finer points of rocket construction, anyway. But at least I can talk to him about it, and when I build a really nice looking rocket, he appreciates its quality. I talk my girlfriend's ear off about my rocket building. She's very kind about it, and listens, and even offers some advice, but she really doesn't care about the whole thing. She's just glad I've found something I'm passionate about, and doesn't complain too much about the clutter on the dining room table - unless it's there for too many days in a row.

For now, I'll settle for this awesome online community. Check it out, fellow rocket n00bs. It's really helpful. I already feel like an expert at things I knew nothing about a month ago.

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