Sunday, September 7, 2014

Finally, Good Painting Weather!

It really feels like September now! It would be great launching weather, but the field where I fly is swarming with soccer kids this weekend. But it's a great day for painting!

The last couple weeks, it's been humid or rainy in central Indiana, so I've had to wait. And I've been working on two simple rockets for about three weeks or more (these are only Skill Level 1 rockets, but I've been trying to take my time and get the details the way I want them), and I'd like to put these guys to bed.

I did another primer layer on my Estes Cosmic Explorer and noticed some of the carpenter's wood filler (CWF) in the body tube spirals hadn't been all sanded off, but since I've had problems over-sanding and scuffing up the body of the rocket, I decided that was OK for now.

And I started the top coats of paint on my Estes Hi Flier - which I am not doing in the standard colors on the package. I've opted for blue and gold, a kind of Blue Angels theme. Chad already has one of these anyway, and when we both have the same rocket, I like to make mine look different from his.

I created a new page on the basics of how model rockets work so I can freely write posts in this blog without feeling I need to explain everything. You can find it in the side bar, or just click here.

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