Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Slo Mo Launch Supercut

My first annual slo-mo launch supercut is finished! Here are most of the launches I have done since I first got started in July of this last year. The first three are choppy, but after that I realized I had the 60 frames per second function on the camera.

I was worried I wouldn't have enough footage of larger rockets to make a good video. Smaller rockets are less impressive on video than larger ones. But I realized, once I slowed the footage down, that in slow motion, even tiny Estes rockets look almost majestic.

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  1. Very well done video, Daniel. I need you and your camera at my launches down here in Texas!

  2. Hi Daniel, do you have any details about the motor(s?) used for the final rocket(Big Bertha?) in the slo-mo vid(at 5:35)? The fire coming out the bottom of that thing is impressive!

    1. Thanks, Simon. I really like that shot.

      That's actually not the Bertha. It's the Magnum Sport Loader, by Quest Aerospace. It's a two-motor cluster, which is why the extra fire and smoke. The motors were simply Estes C6-5 black powder motors. I think perhaps the fact that the shot was taken after dusk also made the fire more impressive.

      Quest makes a couple of great cluster rockets, including the Quadrunner (or Quad Runner - I've never been sure if it's one word or two), which I've built, but haven't launched yet. The weather has never been right at a launch for me to risk it since I completed the rocket in December.

      The Sport Loader original video is here:

    2. Many thanks for the reply Dan.
      I watched it on my mobile so was difficult to see detail, I did question my guess of the Big Berth as I recalled you had mentioned earlier that you prefer the black version of the Bertha over the 70's styling.
      You have sold me on clusters! I'll get to those eventually... I'm a younger BAR than you (only one month old ;) )
      Great vid!
      Cheers again,