Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Saturn V Standing By

I buy a lot of my Estes rockets and motors from AC Supply. They discount most Estes stuff at around 40% off, and sometimes more.

I've been waiting... and waiting... for the latest release of the 50th Anniversary Saturn V 1:100 scale kit to show up on the AC Supply website. This new release is supposed to be even more detailed than the last, and comes with a lunar module (for display only - it doesn't fly!).

Still, I needed at least one spare Saturn V in case I make a major goof building the one I managed to pick up before they were discontinued early last year. But I didn't want to pay retail - rocketry is expensive enough!

The Saturn V 1:100 scale kit is finally available for pre-order on AC Supply! It's well priced at $53.99. It should ship in a few weeks' time.

AC Supply offers free shipping on orders within the continental US over $100, so... you know... you could order two of them and have them delivered free of charge! (I did - but it's my birthday, so if Mrs. N00b asks... this is my birthday present to myself.)

Here's the link.

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  1. I like the way you think, Daniel. Several years ago around Christmas time, I was again up to my arse in deadlines and commitments and in no mood to be in the shopping malls wasting precious time. And I hated to see my wife going nuts trying to get me something to make me merry, and so I thought to myself, why don't I just order something online that I truly want, and spare my bride the aggravation of shopping only for the item to be returned after the New Year?

    So I went online and did just that. I ended up buying a 1:100 Estes Saturn V on Ebay which is still in the box waiting for me to dust it off and build the damned thing! Only thing is, I paid considerably more than what AC Supply is asking. LOL!

    1. That's what the holidays are for, Ted - spending way too much on someone you care about. Sounds like you got yourself just the right gift!