Sunday, January 6, 2019

Stickershock Is Returning!

Mark of has decided, after many supportive messages, to return to business! This is excellent news.

On Stickershock's Facebook page, he posted:

I want to thank each and every one of you for the VERY KIND AND SUPPORTING WORDS
I would love to thank each person one at a time.. but I it would take us days..
I know I dont post here as much as I should.. I WILL TRY TO POST MORE OFTEN STARTING NOW!
Yes the go fund me page is still up and I BELIEVE its working. I have had many ask how they can donate and help.. That would be the way to do it..

Thank you for all that have donated, it has been very helpful,

Ok heres the big news.. I WILL BE OPENING THE STORE AND WEBSITE VERY SHORTLY.. (just gotta get with my webmaster to get it done) We will be back open for business hopefully within the next 24 hours.. thank you for your patience!

there will be some small changes.. again MOSTLY to how custom orders will be handled and Priced!


My design time will be $50.00 an hour (minimum 30 mins)

THIS WILL BE FOR ALL CUSTOM REQUESTS. I may ask for it up front, be prepared for that when contacting me please..

I HAVE THE RIGHT TO WAVE THAT FEE AT MY DIGRESSION.. (I will wave it for MANY things.. such as VERY simple changes, CUSTOMER HAVING ART OR ALL INFORMATION READY TO GO!!, IF its an item I would probably add to my website etc!! )

I will NOT charge for simple changes.. "hey can you make this decal... but in green instead of blue" Yep no charge.. " can you change the serial number to XXX.YYY" YES NO CHARGE..

PRINCES ON SMALLER ITEMS WILL REFLECT MINIMUM CHARGES.. they are NOT priced by size.. they are priced by DIFFICULTY to create and to make.. and the smaller things are the more difficult they are to make.. PERIOD! YES I love doing them for you.. but they will cost based on these things..

I WILL BE CLOSED SOME DAYS! I know I have always tried to respond ASAP.. I CAN'T continue to do that.. FIrst I gotta have some time off just to purge etc. PLUS I have to have days to do Doctors appointments etc..

WE ARE looking into some new machines so we CAN do some more specialty things.. such as print whites chromes and silvers.. THIS WILL GREATLY reduce the costs of SMALLER reproductions etc. BUT IT IS VERY COSTLY (YEP MORE THAN MY LARGE FORMAT PRINTER) so it might be a while.. but its in the works!

for now this about covers it,

again WE WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR THE SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT, I SERIOUSLY was ready to just be done with it.. but all of you have really helped me realize how much you like what I do and how much you support us in return.. THIS TRULY IS THE BEST HOBBY AROUND!

Mark and Marian..
"Never fly naked"

So, there will be some much needed changes. Someone who does the work he does deserves to get paid well for it, and a one-person business operator still needs a day off.

In my original post on his closing, I had mentioned that his wife Marian has had a cancer recurrence, as I and others had assumed this was the reason for going out of business. Later, he wrote that this was not the reason for his closing, and I then deleted that part of the post. Still, you have a chance to help by donating to Marian's treatment fund on GoFundMe by clicking here.

We're glad you're coming back, Mark!

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