Saturday, January 26, 2019

SBR/Fusion Rocket Closing

Yesterday on Facebook, Scott Binder of SBR/ posted the following announcement.

This is the End.... due to health reasons, Scott Binder Rocketry (SBR) and will close.

First, let me thank all of the customers we've had over the past 3 years. I started out with the Fusion - offering a one-stop solution for L1 and L2 certifications, and added several more models along the way. Sales were good - good enough for a one-man company, which is what I wanted it to be - something I could do in my spare time, and still offer personal technical support to our customers.

On January 14, 2019 I underwent double-bypass open heart surgery - something that a week earlier was was not even on my radar. Although the surgery went well, I feel I can no longer offer the same level of service as before - and feel I just need to concentrate on recovering from the surgery, and enjoying the remainder of my life as stress-free a manner as possible.

Therefore, I've decided to close SBR/

Effective immediately, there will be no further production runs of any of our kits. The remaining inventory of kits will be sold on the website as usual, and each kit's ordering options will be removed as they are sold out. First come, first-served basis.

Currently, we still have Fusions, Thors, Diablos, Horizon, and ArrowX kits. We are already out of stock on the Honest John, and it has been removed from the website. In addition, I will be discounting the remaining inventory of tubing, nosecones, etc. to sell quickly, until it is gone. Adjustments will be made to website pricing on these items over the next few days. When everything is gone, we'll remove the website and delete the FB page.

Again, thank you to those of you who supported SBR - I still fully intend to attend launches as soon as I am able, but just as a spectator/flyer.

Scott Binder

I'm currently building and shooting video of the SBR Diablo kit, which Scott sent me to review. The unboxing video is currently on my YouTube channel. The rest of the build videos have been complicated by some poor shots being a little difficult to edit, but there's still some fine material there.

With SBR going out of business, I suppose there's no need for a review now, but I intend to continue with the build and videos out of respect for Scott. It may take me a while. The rocket itself is pretty simple, and it's nearly done - though paint will most likely have to wait until winter is over.

Take care of yourself, Scott.


  1. Oh yes, I think there's an interest in a review. If there's still stock available, and he's selling out the supply, I'd like to know what you think and if I should pop to buy one before they're all gone. (By the time this gets done, it may already be too late, but I for one am interested in your review.)

  2. He's back Baby!!!

    He's gotten some help, and isn't closing up shop.