Saturday, April 18, 2020

Nothing Flies Like a Flis - The Model Rocket Show - Episode 2 - FlisKits

Claude Maina's Streaming UFFO lifts off. Photo courtesy Jim Flis.

Episode 2 of The Model Rocket Show podcast is up, and I'm pleased how it turned out.

This show was meant to come out a year and a half ago, on The Rocketry Show, but one thing and another happened, and... well, I think we finally have a good episode.

Curtis Heisey's upscale FlisKits Deuces Wild

We're talking about FlisKits, and in the first half of the show we revisit the final FlisKits Anniversary Launch from September of 2018. Then we spend time talking to Ray DiPaola, one of the current owners of FlisKits.

Jim Flis, the company's founder, has already told me he liked the show, which was my hope. I love seeing Jim at launches. He's a great guy, and I know he was probably looking forward to hearing what we recorded so long ago.

Jim Flis holding a Saturn V prototype. Photo courtesy Curtis Heisey

The show is on most podcast apps or on the show's website (with some show notes and photos), if you prefer to listen on the web (click here to go to the website and show notes).

Give it a listen. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Part 2 of my FlisKits Tres build is coming soon.

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  1. Thanks for the show. It was awesome. I used to fly with Eric and Ray at CATO and I can say without a doubt that FlisKits is in great hands! Both are really great dudes.