Thursday, April 9, 2020

The NAR Announces More COVID-19 Delays

From National Association of Rocketry President, John Hochheimer:

NARAM 62 Update: The COVID-19 pandemic creates significant uncertainty associated with holding our planned summer events. Therefore, the NAR is postponing NARAM 62 and will hold it in 2021. Please note, by making the decision now, the NAR minimizes its substantial financial risk associated with making a decision to postpone or cancel at a later date. We are working closely with the host Section's leaders and the Contest Director, the launch site owners, and the hotels and meeting spaces to reschedule. I will announce updates as soon as we can finalize all the arrangements. All currently paid registration fees will be refunded as soon as possible.

NRC 2020 Update: In accordance with guidance I issued on 3/292020, NRC launches, as well as sport launches, remain suspended until at least April 16, 2020. When NAR launch activities resume, Dan Wolf, the Contest Board Chair, will provide details on how the 2019-2020 NRC will continue into 2021.

NSL 2020 Update: The NAR continues to have flexibility and minimal financial risk in the go/no-go decision process for the National Sport Launch 2020. Because we have no financial burden, the NAR will wait until early May to make a final decision. In the event of cancellation, all registration fees paid prior to cancellation will be refunded.

Annual NAR Meeting and Board of Trustee Elections: Since we are postponing NARAM, there will not be an in-person meeting of the Association and in-person voting of trustees. We are working on options to hold some form of association meeting and will provide details when they are available. Our election of trustees will be held as usual, with the exception of the capacity to vote in-person. On-line voting will be available, as will paper ballots that will be mailed in the next edition of Sport Rocketry.
An update on large group gatherings (such as launches and meetings) will be issued by April 15.

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